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PoshInternals – Multi Desktop Support

One really neat SysInternals tool is Desktops. It allows for managing several virtual workspaces, know as desktops on Windows machines. Unlike Linux that offers a builtin way to transfer between desktops, Windows does not natively expose a way to do so. The cmdlets added to PoshInternals now allow you to manage these virtual desktops right […]

PoshInternals – Install-BlueScreenSaver

Bluescreen is a screen saver that is part of the SysInternals suite that mimics a Windows blue screen of death. It can also mimic chkdsk and the boot process. Screen savers themsevles are actually just executable files renamed with an extension “scr”. Once placed in the System32 or SysWow64 directory, they can be accessed via […]

Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look has been released!

I’m happy to announce that my first book, Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look, has been released! If you pre-ordered you should be receiving your book shortly. I’m excited to hear feedback. Please feel free to comment or email myself or Packt. I’d like to thank all the editors that helped get this book off […]

Managing Integration Services in Hyper-V 3

In the last post on Hyper-V 3 we touched on how to use virtual machine metering to measure VM resource usage in PowerShell. In this post we will look at the automation support now available for the Integration Services that run on virtual machines. What are integration services? Hyper-V Integration Services is a set of […]

The Connect-VM Cmdlet

Just realized that Tome did this a week ago. Oh well….I guess here is my version for reference. I like how we even named our cmdlets the same 😀 I’ve been playing with Windows Server 8 Hyper-V cmdlets a lot over the last week and one thing has bugged me. There is no cmdlet […]

Inside PowerShell 3: The New Parser and Compiler

If I’m not mistaken, Jeffery Snover was quoted, during Microsoft build, that PowerShell 3.0 scripts run up to six times faster than the same 2.0 scripts. This is a dramatic improvement! One of the reasons the new version is so much faster is that the PSObjects now derive from the DynamicObject. This allows for all […]

Windows 8 Server and Hyper-V 3.0 Resource Metering

In Windows 8 Server, Hyper-V can now track the resource usage of the virtual machine. As of the Developer Preview, this historical data is only available via PowerShell. In order to track a virtual machines resource usage we first need to enable resource metering for the virtual machine. To simply enable it for all machines […]

Granting Access Rights to SMB Shares in PowerShell 3 and Windows 8

My last post outlined some of the struggles I’ve had when dealing with some of the CIM\WMI based cmdlets in Windows 8. Today I spent some time working with the SmbShare module. I ran into some strange issues while dealing with the access control cmdlets. Here is what I ran into and how to deal […]