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PowerShell Script to Populate a vWorkspace Farm

Here’s a script I wrote to help setup a vWorkspace farm. I’m constantly rolling out new farms and having a script like this will probably save me a week of my live this year. I don’t have to click through the same wizards to create the same apps and assign them to the same users. […]

Remotely Administering vWorkspace with Mobile-IT

Along time ago we released a PowerGUI PowerPack that enabled PowerShell based administration of vWorkspace via the handy PowerGUI interface. Since then, a new product has been released at Dell that works with pre-existing PowerPacks. We haven’t found the bandwidth to update the PowerPack to include many of the most recent cmdlets that have been […]

Simple vWorkspace Connection Broker Monitoring with PowerShell

There’s an Easter egg hidden in the vWorkspace connection broker service. If you navigate to the service via a web browser, you’ll get a few stats that show what the broker has done since it was last started. The numbers are pretty meaningless without some sort of context. One way of handling this is to […]

Generating Workflow Activities from Cmdlets

One thing I noticed about the new Workflow integration into PowerShell was that there actually had to be an implementation of an activity created in order to use a cmdlet as part of a workflow. It is possible to simply call a cmdlet within an inline script block but that seems like a bit of […]

vWorkspace PowerShell Wallpaper

I thought it would be cool to have a vWorkspace PowerShell Wallpaper. I used the existing vWorkspace Wallpaper and added some PowerShell coolness to it. Available here in 1920×1200. Invoke-DesktopVirtualization Get-QuestvWorkspace

Building Binary PowerShell Modules – Part 2 – Design Principles and Other Guidelines

I had anticipated that I would be writing this second part about providers rather than design principles, but after listening to a recent Powerscripting Podcast I thought it would be helpful for me to provide a few things I’ve learned from developing the vWorkspace PowerShell module. Many of the points brought up during the podcast […]

vWorkspace PowerShell Prompt

PowerCLI has a very cool little shortcut setup when you install the product. I thought it would be cool to mimic something like that using the vWorkspace PowerShell module. I created a script and shortcut that can be run that configures the PowerShell environment to output the farms that are currently defined, give a few […]