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PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio Thanksgiving Special!

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday (and because I finished a bunch of cool stuff), I’ve released a healthy update to PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio to the Gallery! There have been a lot of enhancements to the extension. I’ll highlight some of the key features in this post. Unit Test Adapter This particular feature […]

The Future of PowerGUI VSX

PowerGUI VSX was released in June of 2010. Since then, it has received over 80,000 downloads between the Visual Studio Gallery and CodePlex. Over the past year, I have let the project slip. The last few versions didn’t even really add any new features but merely updated the version of PowerGUI they were compatible with. […]

Hooking a Remote Process and Stealing a Password in PowerShell

In my last post we looked at how to hook the local PowerShell process and adjust the date by hooking the GetSystemTimeAsFileTime WinAPI function. This was accomplished using EasyHook, a detouring library similar to Microsoft Detours. In this post I’ll show you how to hook a remote process and inject our own implementation of a […]

Generating Fakes Assemblies with PowerShell

Microsoft Fakes is the new unit test isolation framework built in to Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate. It is the culmination of the Pex and Moles project that was a long standing Microsoft Research initiative. It’s a bit unfortunate that it’s only available in VS Ultimate. I would recommend you vote for that to change. I […]

Advanced Debugging Scenarios using PowerGUI VSX

I work on a pretty big product during my day job. vWorkspace is all about distributed computing. A full lab can span numerous VMs. A lot of times the environment is key to reproducing issues based on OS or other environmental factors. This requires me to copy binaries down to machines and sometimes use remote […]

Effectively Using TFS Workspaces

Team Foundation Server is a beast. There are a lot of hidden features and TFS2012 just adds more to the already lengthy list. One of the often overlooked or misunderstood concept is that of a workspace. I recently had some coworkers discover this for the first time so I figured it would be a good […]

An Apology and an Update – Perspectives

I have completely ignored the Perspectives project. I had too much on my plate and I just did not feel like dealing with the numerous issues that I introduced in the previous update. For that I’m sorry. But today I’d like to provide an update to the Perspectives project that adds support for VS2012! It […]

Inside PowerShell 3.0: Deep into the interpreter with .NET Reflector and Visual Studio 2012

So version 7.6 of .NET Reflector added Visual Studio 2012 integration. I’ve already been really excited by the new IDE as it dramatically reduced memory usage and just seems snappier over all. Additionally, it doesn’t upgrade csproj files so I can use it without breaking those still on VS2010. Now with the ability to step into third party […]