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PowerGUI VSX 1.5 Beta

I’m happy to announce the beta of the next version of PowerGUI VSX is available for download on the CodePlex site. This build fixes a few issues and adds a much desired feature, fonts and colors.           Additional Changes: Scripts can now be run without debugging Ctrl+F5 Pressing Shift or Ctrl […]

VSX Support for PowerGUI 3.0 – Help!

Some unfortunate timing for this PowerGUI release in regards to PowerGUI VSX. I purchased a home a week ago so I am finding very little time to spend outside of work. If anyone is willing to spend some time enabling PowerGUI 3.0 support for PowerGUI VSX please let me know! I can imagine many people would thank […]

Build WDK Drivers in TFS

The WDK does not integrate into Visual Studio natively. It uses different tools to produce the drivers. This makes it really difficult to compile drivers using TFS or other continuous integration systems. Here is a simple way to launch the WDK build process from Visual Studio and TFS build. First, you need to setup for […]

PowerShell Tracing

I spend a lot of time digging around in the System.Management.Automation.dll with Reflector. I love trying to understand how this whole PowerShell thing works. One thing I’ve noticed with PowerShell is that it utilizes the .NET TraceSource class to enable internal logging. Trace sources allow you to tag particular operations with a source and, amazingly, […]

PowerGUI VSX in the top 20 downloads this week!

PowerGUI VSX is in the top 20 most popular downloads on the Visual Studio Gallery this week! Thanks for all the support! There have been more downloads in the last week than any time previously: I’m also starting to see some interesting feature requests pop up. Please head over to the CodePlex site and add […]

PowerGUI VSX 1.3.4 Release

I’m pleased to announce the release of PowerGUI VSX version 1.3.4. This release includes various bug fixes. These include: Printing from the script editor is now functional The script editor now supports bookmarks Fixed exceptions on start up Fixed debugging issues with PowerShell projects A big thanks goes out to some of my fellow Quest employees that […]

Understanding your codebase with NDepend

As all developers, I have worked with a lot of other peoples code. I spend a lot of time familiarizing myself with the codebase before tackling issues as to not introduce bugs. Automated testing, code reviews and other mechanisms are really helpful at stopping problems before they pollute a branch. One tool that I like […]

NuGet: Call Get-Package Outside of Visual Studio

NuGet is awesome! It’s really cool how fast it really took off.  One thing I didn’t really understand was why you couldn’t run Get-Package outside of Visual Studio to retrieve remote packages. After some digging I realized that all the cmdlets, to some extent, relied on the Visual Studio automation interfaces.  NuGet Package Explorer made […]

PowerGUI VSX – 1.3.3

PowerShell inside Visual Studio is great. Having the ability to automate and even extend the IDE with tools like Studio Shell is fascinating. But in my day job I work on the PowerShell module for vWorkspace. Unlike many other Microsoft products, PowerShell modules are not an integrated part of the Visual Studio IDE. It often […]

Unifying Visual Studio’s PowerShell Consoles with PowerGUI VSX

To my knowledge there are now four PowerShell console implementations available for Visual Studio. The different implementations offer varied functionality but they are more about the commands rather than the console itself. PowerGUI VSX is a bit different in that one of the main goals it to offer a robust console experience. Here is a quick reference […]