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Upcoming features in PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

Long time no blog! I wanted to showcase a couple neat features coming to PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio. My hope is that we can get some feedback before pushing to the gallery for the world to enjoy. Windows Forms Support for PowerShell 2013 Build 2015 Build Pull Request The Windows Form designer is handy […]

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio – Now 100% more free!

UPDATE: Just download the Visual Studio 2013 Communtiy edition and PoshTools works perfectly with it! Recently, the Python Tools for Visual Studio team released support for Visual Studio Express 2013. After emailing the team, I found that there is a white list of extensions that are allowed to be installed in Express. Unfortunately, this is […]

PowerShell Tools – v0.8.0 – Now with REPL!

Today, I’m announcing the release of PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio v0.8.0. There are some important installation changes in this version and I want to make sure people are aware. You can download the latest on the Gallery (2012\2013) or via GitHub. Installation Changes – Important! The extension has been broken into two different editions based […]

Execution Policy in PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

I’ve had several people report issues with PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio behaving differently than the NuGet console. After some investigation, I’ve found that NuGet actually resets the process scoped execution policy to RemoteSigned if it is not Unrestricted, RemoteSigned or Bypass. This is taken from the NuGet source for the VSConsole. private static void […]

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio Beta v0.5

If you haven’t seen the news, PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio is now available on the Visual Studio Gallery! The first beta brings with it many enhancements from alphas past and supports VS2013 RC. Here’s a quick overview of  the current state of the extension. Requirements The current requirements for PoshTools are PowereShell v3 and […]

The Future of PowerGUI VSX

PowerGUI VSX was released in June of 2010. Since then, it has received over 80,000 downloads between the Visual Studio Gallery and CodePlex. Over the past year, I have let the project slip. The last few versions didn’t even really add any new features but merely updated the version of PowerGUI they were compatible with. […]

Red Gate ANTS Performance Profiler

I’ve used ANTS in the past but had to write a little post about it because it is really neat. I’m a huge Reflector advocate. I have used it to create PowerGUI VSX and dig into the .NET framework. I wrote a blog post about all the cool stuff you can do with it in […]

The CIM IDE and Native PowerShell Cmdlets

I first played with the CIM IDE when working on a chapter of my book. I decided to jump further in depth with it in my spare time to try and create a native WMI provider that would produce native PowerShell cmdlets. I wanted to be able to further document what is described in the […]

Generating Workflow Activities from Cmdlets

One thing I noticed about the new Workflow integration into PowerShell was that there actually had to be an implementation of an activity created in order to use a cmdlet as part of a workflow. It is possible to simply call a cmdlet within an inline script block but that seems like a bit of […]