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Automatically backup Hyper-V VMs using PowerShell

Trying something new! Today I have a guest blogger. Joel Webster works at Dell with me and works quite a bit on the PowerShell support for vWorkspace. He has been an intern for quite a while and really knows his stuff.  Adam

Hacking VMConnect

I started out using VMWare Workstation before Hyper-V even existed. There were some simple things that I was really surprised were missing from Hyper-V V1 when it came out. Most importantly, copy and paste and smart sizing. Now we are on v3 and we still don’t have these abilities. One alternative is to just RDP […]

Fixing SCVMM error 1604 with VMMTrace

SCVMM drives me nuts sometimes, albeit likely self-induced. The SCVMM instance in our dev lab was very slow. Being that it originally started as something to test on and eventually became something we used everyday, we decided to migrate the SCVMM instance to a more powerful host. Following this TechNet article I successfully moved our […]

Fixing a 10644 error in SCVMM R2

For the last few days I have been wrastlin’ with an error that cropped up while trying to create new virtual machines from a template within our SCVMM library. Every time I would go to deploy a new virtual the process would get 85% done and then fail on the sysprep. The error I was […]