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Effectively Using TFS Workspaces

Team Foundation Server is a beast. There are a lot of hidden features and TFS2012 just adds more to the already lengthy list. One of the often overlooked or misunderstood concept is that of a workspace. I recently had some coworkers discover this for the first time so I figured it would be a good […]

Build WDK Drivers in TFS

The WDK does not integrate into Visual Studio natively. It uses different tools to produce the drivers. This makes it really difficult to compile drivers using TFS or other continuous integration systems. Here is a simple way to launch the WDK build process from Visual Studio and TFS build. First, you need to setup for […]

Understanding your codebase with NDepend

As all developers, I have worked with a lot of other peoples code. I spend a lot of time familiarizing myself with the codebase before tackling issues as to not introduce bugs. Automated testing, code reviews and other mechanisms are really helpful at stopping problems before they pollute a branch. One tool that I like […]

Inside the TFS 2010 Build Monitor for Android

It’s been awhile since I released the TFS 2010 Build Monitor and I wanted to shed some light into how I managed to get Android talking to Windows Web Services. The first major hurtle I had to conquer while writing this app was authenticating with the web service. Step 1: Authenticate As you may be aware, Windows […]

TFS 2010 Build Monitor for Android

I recently purchased a Motorola Droid X. I really love the phone and being a developer, the first thing I did was start to learn how to make applications for it. Well I’ve taken my first stab at Android development and decided to mix a little Microsoft love into the Android world. This is what […]