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PoshInternals – Multi Desktop Support

One really neat SysInternals tool is Desktops. It allows for managing several virtual workspaces, know as desktops on Windows machines. Unlike Linux that offers a builtin way to transfer between desktops, Windows does not natively expose a way to do so. The cmdlets added to PoshInternals now allow you to manage these virtual desktops right […]

PoshInternals: PoshExec

PSExec is a SysInternals tool that enables remote execution of processes. One of the really neat aspects of the tool is that it can execute processes interactively in user sessions and on systems that may not expose another way of remotely executing processes. PSExec works much differently than PowerShell remoting or WMI. PSExec manages all […]

PoshInternals – Get-Dll

The ListDlls SysInternals tool is used to list the DLLs that are loaded into processes on the system. It can either return DLLs for all processes, a single process or return processes that contain a particular DLL. It also has the ability to flag DLLs that are rebased and unsigned. Most of this functionality is […]

PoshInternals – Install-BlueScreenSaver

Bluescreen is a screen saver that is part of the SysInternals suite that mimics a Windows blue screen of death. It can also mimic chkdsk and the boot process. Screen savers themsevles are actually just executable files renamed with an extension “scr”. Once placed in the System32 or SysWow64 directory, they can be accessed via […]

PoshInternals – Get-Handle

Other posts found in this series PostInternals – Move-FileOnReboot, Remove-FileOnReboot, Get-PendingFileRenameOperation The SysInternals suite is a collection of tools authored by┬áMark Russinovich. The tools offer all kinds of deep system analysis for Windows. Some of the most commonly used tools include Process Explorer, Process Monitor and psexec. I use them all the time. After much […]