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Inside PowerShell 3.0: Deep into the interpreter with .NET Reflector and Visual Studio 2012

So version 7.6 of .NET Reflector added Visual Studio 2012 integration. I’ve already been really excited by the new IDE as it dramatically reduced memory usage and just seems snappier over all. Additionally, it doesn’t upgrade csproj files so I can use it without breaking those still on VS2010. Now with the ability to step into third party […]

Red Gate ANTS Performance Profiler

I’ve used ANTS in the past but had to write a little post about it because it is really neat. I’m a huge Reflector advocate. I have used it to create PowerGUI VSX and dig into the .NET framework. I wrote a blog post about all the cool stuff you can do with it in […]

A Quick Overview of .NET Reflector

I’ve spent A LOT of time using .NET Reflector. It’s how I figured out how to create PowerGUI VSX and how I figured out how to compile PowerShell. This is a must have tool for any .NET developer. I use it all the time to look at libraries I’m using, including the .NET framework libraries, […]

What Compiled PowerShell Might Look Like

I’ve done it! I’ve compiled PowerShell! Does it run? I don’t know. Is it even the correct interpretation of the script I compiled? I believe so, but I can’t be sure. After writing about the new AST and compiler in PowerShell v3, I spent some time trying to get a script to compile. The CompileToMethod method cannot construct complex […]

Inside PowerShell 3: The New Parser and Compiler

If I’m not mistaken, Jeffery Snover was quoted, during Microsoft build, that PowerShell 3.0 scripts run up to six times faster than the same 2.0 scripts. This is a dramatic improvement! One of the reasons the new version is so much faster is that the PSObjects now derive from the DynamicObject. This allows for all […]

Generating Workflow Activities from Cmdlets

One thing I noticed about the new Workflow integration into PowerShell was that there actually had to be an implementation of an activity created in order to use a cmdlet as part of a workflow. It is possible to simply call a cmdlet within an inline script block but that seems like a bit of […]

PowerShell Module Help Editor v2.0 and The Power of Reflector

NOTE: Wassim and the PowerShell team have released an updated version of this tool: There is no real need to complete the exercise below unless you wish to do if for educational purposes. Reflector recently went from a free product to a commercial one which caused quite an uproar in the community. My perception […]