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Remotely Administering vWorkspace with Mobile-IT

Along time ago we released a PowerGUI PowerPack that enabled PowerShell based administration of vWorkspace via the handy PowerGUI interface. Since then, a new product has been released at Dell that works with pre-existing PowerPacks. We haven’t found the bandwidth to update the PowerPack to include many of the most recent cmdlets that have been […]

PowerShell Deep Dive 2012 – PowerShell Module

I’m getting really excited for the PowerShell Deep Dive this year. We are just about a week away from the festivities! We are excited to welcome Jeff Snover as our keynote along with a whole list of amazing speakers. I thought that I would make it a bit easier to find sessions and speaker information. […]

Sessions and Speakers for the PowerShell Deep Dive have been posted!

I’m pleased to share that the sessions and speakers for this spring’s PowerShell Deep Dive have been posted! We are happy to welcome many familiar faces such as Jeffrey Snover, Kirk Munro, and Shay Levy to San Diego this year! I will be facilitating this years Deep Dive so you will be seeing a lot […]

vWorkspace PowerShell Prompt

PowerCLI has a very cool little shortcut setup when you install the product. I thought it would be cool to mimic something like that using the vWorkspace PowerShell module. I created a script and shortcut that can be run that configures the PowerShell environment to output the farms that are currently defined, give a few […]

PowerGUI QuickConsole 1.1

As per Hal Rottenberg‘s request, I’ve updated the PowerGUI QuickConsole to support PowerGUI Pro! I also fixed a bug where the console would still be running even after you attempted to close out of it. Additionally, because this fix was part of the Add-On API, PowerGUI VSX should now work with PowerGUI Pro as well. […]

Export Specific Properties to CSV in PowerGUI

The Export to CSV action in PowerGUI is handy. I’ll use it occasionally to share with other people the results of one of the filters I’ve performed. It does have one annoying little caveat though and that is that it saves everything. You can’t select which properties, or columns, are saved off into the CSV. […]

PowerGUI Pro and ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory win big!

The Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine have awarded PowerGUI Pro and ActiveRoles Management Shell for Active Directory  Community Choice awards in their annual Best and Community Choice award programs! Congratulations to both teams! This is well deserved as I know the community loves both these products. This is the 3rd time that PowerGUI has been awarded in this […]

Add PowerShell Support to Your App with the PowerGUI Add On API

In the past few releases of PowerGUI VSX I’ve been working on abstracting out the code that wraps and exposes the PowerGUI components from the code that interacts with Visual Studio. My goal was to create reusable assemblies that could be used by other projects like PowerGUI VSX. In the latest beta release this is […]

Make PowerGUI 3.0 work with PowerShell 3.0

Downloaded PowerShell 3.0 CTP 1 and now you can’t run PowerGUI 3.0? I had the same problem. I fixed it by renaming the SDK.dll in the PowerGUI installation directory to something other than SDK.DLL. I then forced PowerGUI to run under .NET v4.0. Check out the $PGVersionTable and the $PSVersionTable: Using the new ConvertTo-Json cmdlet: […]