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Using Show-Command to make a simple UI for a non-PowerSheller

Show-Command is a really handy PowerShell cmdlet. Jeff Hicks gave a great presentation at the PowerShell Deep Dive about how to create simple GUIs without having to resort to WinForms or WPF. In his talk he showed off Show-Command and other cmdlets like Out-GridView. Recently, we have been providing some simple solutions to customers using […]

Creating a PowerShell Profiler

In my last post I talked about the AST and how it was now possible to modify it using the visitor pattern. After talking to some of the Microsoft folks at the PowerShell Deep Dive, the idea was suggested that this would allow for the creation of a profiler for PowerShell scripts. I had written […]

The PowerShell Deep Dive 2012 in San Deigo

I’ve just returned from the PowerShell Deep Dive in San Diego. It was an exciting 3 day event hosted by Quest and sponsored by Microsoft. We had some of the world’s brightest PowerShell community leaders gathered together along side a whole host of PowerShell enthusiasts. The sessions were very informative and the speakers all did […]

Sessions and Speakers for the PowerShell Deep Dive have been posted!

I’m pleased to share that the sessions and speakers for this spring’s PowerShell Deep Dive have been posted! We are happy to welcome many familiar faces such as Jeffrey Snover, Kirk Munro, and Shay Levy to San Diego this year! I will be facilitating this years Deep Dive so you will be seeing a lot […]