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PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio Thanksgiving Special!

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday (and because I finished a bunch of cool stuff), I’ve released a healthy update to PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio to the Gallery! There have been a lot of enhancements to the extension. I’ll highlight some of the key features in this post. Unit Test Adapter This particular feature […]

Using Show-Command to make a simple UI for a non-PowerSheller

Show-Command is a really handy PowerShell cmdlet. Jeff Hicks gave a great presentation at the PowerShell Deep Dive about how to create simple GUIs without having to resort to WinForms or WPF. In his talk he showed off Show-Command and other cmdlets like Out-GridView. Recently, we have been providing some simple solutions to customers using […]

Decompiling C# Code with ILSpy and PowerShell

This week at the PowerShell Summit in Redmond, I gave a talk about using .NET reflection in PowerShell. We took a quick look at ILSpy and how to read the decompiled C# code that makes up compiled .NET assemblies. After a comment by Karl Prosser, I figured it would be cool to take it a […]

PoshInternals – Get-Handle

Other posts found in this series PostInternals – Move-FileOnReboot, Remove-FileOnReboot, Get-PendingFileRenameOperation The SysInternals suite is a collection of tools authored by Mark Russinovich. The tools offer all kinds of deep system analysis for Windows. Some of the most commonly used tools include Process Explorer, Process Monitor and psexec. I use them all the time. After much […]

Pseudo-Polymorphism in PowerShell

When learning a strongly-typed, object oriented language one of the first concepts you learn is polymorphism. Polymorphic members accept object types that define a particular contract. Class instances that meet this contract, even if they extend from it, can be provided to these members. In PowerShell, this can be true when dealing with .NET classes. […]

Simple vWorkspace Connection Broker Monitoring with PowerShell

There’s an Easter egg hidden in the vWorkspace connection broker service. If you navigate to the service via a web browser, you’ll get a few stats that show what the broker has done since it was last started. The numbers are pretty meaningless without some sort of context. One way of handling this is to […]

Hooking a Remote Process and Stealing a Password in PowerShell

In my last post we looked at how to hook the local PowerShell process and adjust the date by hooking the GetSystemTimeAsFileTime WinAPI function. This was accomplished using EasyHook, a detouring library similar to Microsoft Detours. In this post I’ll show you how to hook a remote process and inject our own implementation of a […]

Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look has been released!

I’m happy to announce that my first book, Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look, has been released! If you pre-ordered you should be receiving your book shortly. I’m excited to hear feedback. Please feel free to comment or email myself or Packt. I’d like to thank all the editors that helped get this book off […]

Inside PowerShell 3.0: Deep into the interpreter with .NET Reflector and Visual Studio 2012

So version 7.6 of .NET Reflector added Visual Studio 2012 integration. I’ve already been really excited by the new IDE as it dramatically reduced memory usage and just seems snappier over all. Additionally, it doesn’t upgrade csproj files so I can use it without breaking those still on VS2010. Now with the ability to step into third party […]

Inside PowerShell 3.0: Parameter Value Completion

As you might know, the tab completion in Powershell 3.0 is much improved. This in part due to the use of expression trees because it is easy to traverse and discover tidbits of information about the command line or script. Some of the really crazy stuff is the ability to tab expand parameter values. Take […]