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PowerGUI VSX 1.6.1

In my haste I didn’t thoroughly test the VSX installation. The 1.6 build won’t install into VS2011. There is now a 1.6.1 build on CodePlex that will install into Visual Studio. Apologies!

PowerGUI VSX 1.6 Alpha – Visual Studio 2011 Support

I finally got around to installing Visual Studio 2011 Beta the other day. Personally, I really like it. I know there has been some discussion about the UI. It doesn’t bother me all that much. I kind of like it. I can see your torches in the distance. šŸ˜€ The UI is very responsive. That […]

PowerGUI QuickConsole 1.1

As per Hal Rottenberg‘s request, I’ve updated the PowerGUI QuickConsole to support PowerGUI Pro! I also fixed a bug where the console would still be running even after you attempted to close out of it. Additionally, because this fix was part of the Add-On API, PowerGUI VSX should now work with PowerGUI Pro as well. […]

Export Specific Properties to CSV in PowerGUI

The Export to CSV action in PowerGUI is handy. I’ll use it occasionally to share with other people the results of one of the filters I’ve performed. It does have one annoying little caveat though and that is that it saves everything. You can’t select which properties, or columns, are saved off into the CSV. […]

Add PowerShell Support to Your App with the PowerGUI Add On API

In the past few releases of PowerGUI VSX I’ve been working on abstracting out the code that wraps and exposes the PowerGUI components from the code that interacts with Visual Studio. My goal was to create reusable assemblies that could be used by other projects like PowerGUI VSX. In the latest beta release this is […]

PowerShell for Programmers – Automating Code Generation with PowerShell

There is a feature that has been in pretty much every PowerShell host inside Visual Studio and that is the ability to access the DTE (the top level automation object). Here are a couple cool things that you can do using the DTE. I’ll start by defining a couple simple functions for finding code elements. […]

PowerGUI VSX 1.5 Beta

I’m happy to announce the beta of the next version of PowerGUI VSX is available for download on the CodePlex site. This build fixes a few issues and adds a much desired feature, fonts and colors.           Additional Changes: Scripts can now be run without debugging Ctrl+F5 Pressing Shift or Ctrl […]

VSX Support for PowerGUI 3.0 – Help!

SomeĀ unfortunateĀ timing for this PowerGUI release in regards to PowerGUI VSX. I purchased a home a week ago so I am finding very little time to spend outside of work. If anyone is willing to spend some time enabling PowerGUI 3.0 support for PowerGUI VSX please let me know! I can imagine many people would thank […]

PowerGUI VSX in the top 20 downloads this week!

PowerGUI VSX is in the top 20 most popular downloads on the Visual Studio Gallery this week! Thanks for all the support! There have been more downloads in the last week than any time previously: I’m also starting to see some interesting feature requests pop up. Please head over to the CodePlex site and add […]

PowerGUI VSX 1.3.4 Release

I’m pleased toĀ announceĀ the release of PowerGUI VSX version 1.3.4. This release includes various bug fixes. These include: Printing from the script editor is now functional The script editor now supports bookmarks Fixed exceptions on start up Fixed debugging issues with PowerShell projects A big thanks goes out to some of my fellow Quest employees that […]