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Execution Policy in PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

I’ve had several people report issues with PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio behaving differently than the NuGet console. After some investigation, I’ve found that NuGet actually resets the process scoped execution policy to RemoteSigned if it is not Unrestricted, RemoteSigned or Bypass. This is taken from the NuGet source for the VSConsole. private static void […]

PowerShell for Programmers – Automating Code Generation with PowerShell

There is a feature that has been in pretty much every PowerShell host inside Visual Studio and that is the ability to access the DTE (the top level automation object). Here are a couple cool things that you can do using the DTE. I’ll start by defining a couple simple functions for finding code elements. […]

NuGet: Call Get-Package Outside of Visual Studio

NuGet is awesome! It’s really cool how fast it really took off. ¬†One thing I didn’t really understand was why you couldn’t run Get-Package outside of Visual Studio to retrieve remote packages. After some digging I realized that all the cmdlets, to some extent, relied on the Visual Studio automation interfaces. ¬†NuGet Package Explorer made […]