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Upcoming features in PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

Long time no blog! I wanted to showcase a couple neat features coming to PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio. My hope is that we can get some feedback before pushing to the gallery for the world to enjoy. Windows Forms Support for PowerShell 2013 Build 2015 Build Pull Request The Windows Form designer is handy […]

PoshInternals – Get-Handle

Other posts found in this series PostInternals – Move-FileOnReboot, Remove-FileOnReboot, Get-PendingFileRenameOperation The SysInternals suite is a collection of tools authored by Mark Russinovich. The tools offer all kinds of deep system analysis for Windows. Some of the most commonly used tools include Process Explorer, Process Monitor and psexec. I use them all the time. After much […]

Hacking VMConnect

I started out using VMWare Workstation before Hyper-V even existed. There were some simple things that I was really surprised were missing from Hyper-V V1 when it came out. Most importantly, copy and paste and smart sizing. Now we are on v3 and we still don’t have these abilities. One alternative is to just RDP […]

Generating Fakes Assemblies with PowerShell

Microsoft Fakes is the new unit test isolation framework built in to Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate. It is the culmination of the Pex and Moles project that was a long standing Microsoft Research initiative. It’s a bit unfortunate that it’s only available in VS Ultimate. I would recommend you vote for that to change. I […]

Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look has been released!

I’m happy to announce that my first book, Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 First Look, has been released! If you pre-ordered you should be receiving your book shortly. I’m excited to hear feedback. Please feel free to comment or email myself or Packt. I’d like to thank all the editors that helped get this book off […]

Weekend Project: Microsoft vs Apple Bag Toss

Last summer I found some really nice bag toss boards in the dumpster. I snagged them with the intention of refurbishing them to my liking. I finally got around to it today! I opted for a Microsoft vs Apple theme. Here’s the process. Tools: Detail Sander Old Shoes Supplies: Sander Pads 1x Flat Blue, Grey, […]

What Compiled PowerShell Might Look Like

I’ve done it! I’ve compiled PowerShell! Does it run? I don’t know. Is it even the correct interpretation of the script I compiled? I believe so, but I can’t be sure. After writing about the new AST and compiler in PowerShell v3, I spent some time trying to get a script to compile. The CompileToMethod method cannot construct complex […]

Windows 8 Server and Hyper-V 3.0 Resource Metering

In Windows 8 Server, Hyper-V can now track the resource usage of the virtual machine. As of the Developer Preview, this historical data is only available via PowerShell. In order to track a virtual machines resource usage we first need to enable resource metering for the virtual machine. To simply enable it for all machines […]

Fun with CIM Associations

I have been playing with the new CIM cmdlets in PowerShell 3.0. They are really handy and I am excited to see what Microsoft does with NanoWBEM. It will be really cool to use this technology outside of the Windows stack. I have know how cool WMI and CIM have been for awhile but seeing […]

Building Binary PowerShell Modules – Part 2 – Design Principles and Other Guidelines

I had anticipated that I would be writing this second part about providers rather than design principles, but after listening to a recent Powerscripting Podcast I thought it would be helpful for me to provide a few things I’ve learned from developing the vWorkspace PowerShell module. Many of the points brought up during the podcast […]