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Automatically backup Hyper-V VMs using PowerShell

Trying something new! Today I have a guest blogger. Joel Webster works at Dell with me and works quite a bit on the PowerShell support for vWorkspace. He has been an intern for quite a while and really knows his stuff.  Adam

Hacking VMConnect

I started out using VMWare Workstation before Hyper-V even existed. There were some simple things that I was really surprised were missing from Hyper-V V1 when it came out. Most importantly, copy and paste and smart sizing. Now we are on v3 and we still don’t have these abilities. One alternative is to just RDP […]

The Connect-VM Cmdlet

Just realized that Tome did this a week ago. Oh well….I guess here is my version for reference. I like how we even named our cmdlets the same 😀 I’ve been playing with Windows Server 8 Hyper-V cmdlets a lot over the last week and one thing has bugged me. There is no cmdlet […]

Windows 8 Server and Hyper-V 3.0 Resource Metering

In Windows 8 Server, Hyper-V can now track the resource usage of the virtual machine. As of the Developer Preview, this historical data is only available via PowerShell. In order to track a virtual machines resource usage we first need to enable resource metering for the virtual machine. To simply enable it for all machines […]