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PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio – Now 100% more free!

UPDATE: Just download the Visual Studio 2013 Communtiy edition and PoshTools works perfectly with it! Recently, the Python Tools for Visual Studio team released support for Visual Studio Express 2013. After emailing the team, I found that there is a white list of extensions that are allowed to be installed in Express. Unfortunately, this is […]

Advanced Debugging Scenarios using PowerGUI VSX

I work on a pretty big product during my day job. vWorkspace is all about distributed computing. A full lab can span numerous VMs. A lot of times the environment is key to reproducing issues based on OS or other environmental factors. This requires me to copy binaries down to machines and sometimes use remote […]

PowerShell Developer Tip: Debugging COM Objects

Here’s a simple way to debug and quickly prototype COM objects with Visual Studio and PowerShell. In the Debug section of the project properties for the COM object, just put in the PowerShell executable. For command line arguments you can then specify the New-Object cmdlet to instantiate the COM object. ¬†This is the command line […]

PowerGUI VSX 1.6 Alpha – Visual Studio 2011 Support

I finally got around to installing Visual Studio 2011 Beta the other day. Personally, I really like it. I know there has been some discussion about the UI. It doesn’t bother me all that much. I kind of like it. I can see your torches in the distance. ūüėÄ The UI is very responsive. That […]

Using Dynamics To Call PowerShell in C#

In PowerShell 3.0 all PSObjects are now based on the dynamic language runtimeDynamic Runtime Library. Joel Bennett has a great article about what that means to PowerShell. For a C# developer this is also a pretty neat. In the past this is how PSObjects were accessed in C#. foreach(var process in PowerShell.Create().AddCommand("Get-Process").Invoke()) { Console.WriteLine(process.Properties["ProcessName"].Value); } […]

Building Binary PowerShell Modules – Part 2 – Design Principles and Other Guidelines

I had anticipated that I would be writing this second part about providers rather than design principles, but after listening to a recent Powerscripting Podcast I thought it would be helpful for me to provide a few things I’ve learned from developing the vWorkspace PowerShell module. Many of the points brought up during the podcast […]

Perspectives 2.0

I’d like to announce the second version of Perspectives, a Visual Studio 2010 extension for¬†managing¬†windows configurations. ¬†This is what version 2.0 adds. Added a toolbar for quick access to window configurations Added support for favorite configurations that show up on the quick access bar Added a refresh button to perspectives manager so that you could […]

Building Binary PowerShell Modules – Part 1 – Getting Started

When searching for PowerShell help topics I typically run into a lot of information about using PowerShell. Creating scripts, loading modules and command line tricks. I first started with PowerShell developing the vWorkspace PowerShell module. This module is almost entirely binary. Although there is some information on the topic it’s definitely far and few between. […]

C++ and PowerShell: Playing Nice Together

PowerShell is built on managed code. Integrating with the unmanaged WinAPI is typically done with P/Invoke. ¬†I really dislike P/Invoke. I think it’s ugly, hard to get right and just feels like a hack. ¬†¬†¬† Recently, I found the need to meld unmanaged C++ and PowerShell and really didn’t want to use it. So instead […]

Add PowerShell Support to Your App with the PowerGUI Add On API

In the past few releases of PowerGUI VSX I’ve been working on abstracting out the code that wraps and exposes the PowerGUI components from the code that interacts with Visual Studio. My goal was to create reusable assemblies that could be used by other projects like PowerGUI VSX. In the latest beta release this is […]