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Managed C++, Exceptions and the GetLastError function

I recently modified a project that was unmanaged C++ to utilize the /clr switch to enable CLR support. I studied the side effects of this but didn’t really see anything that would negatively affect the project. It seemed that the gain would outweigh the risk because of having access to .NET right in the C++ […]

PowerShell Tracing

I spend a lot of time digging around in the System.Management.Automation.dll with Reflector. I love trying to understand how this whole PowerShell thing works. One thing I’ve noticed with PowerShell is that it utilizes the .NET TraceSource class to enable internal logging. Trace sources allow you to tag particular operations with a source and, amazingly, […]

PowerGUI VSX 1.3.4 Release

I’m pleased to¬†announce¬†the release of PowerGUI VSX version 1.3.4. This release includes various bug fixes. These include: Printing from the script editor is now functional The script editor now supports bookmarks Fixed exceptions on start up Fixed debugging issues with PowerShell projects A big thanks goes out to some of my fellow Quest employees that […]

Fixing SCVMM error 1604 with VMMTrace

SCVMM drives me nuts sometimes, albeit likely self-induced. The SCVMM instance in our dev lab was very slow. Being that it originally started as something to test on and eventually became something we used everyday, we decided to migrate the SCVMM instance to a more powerful host. Following this TechNet article I successfully moved our […]