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The CIM IDE and Native PowerShell Cmdlets

I first played with the CIM IDE when working on a chapter of my book. I decided to jump further in depth with it in my spare time to try and create a native WMI provider that would produce native PowerShell cmdlets. I wanted to be able to further document what is described in the […]

Debugging Poor Error Messages in PowerShell v3

The new CIM IDE is great for creating new cmdlets. It is probably one of the reasons that there are so many new cmdlets in Windows 8. The problem I’m starting to see if that these cmdlets behave very poorly. Take for instance the Set-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty cmdlet. When attempting to do the following (research for my […]

Fun with CIM Associations

I have been playing with the new CIM cmdlets in PowerShell 3.0. They are really handy and I am excited to see what Microsoft does with NanoWBEM. It will be really cool to use this technology outside of the Windows stack. I have know how cool WMI and CIM have been for awhile but seeing […]