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Automatically backup Hyper-V VMs using PowerShell

Trying something new! Today I have a guest blogger. Joel Webster works at Dell with me and works quite a bit on the PowerShell support for vWorkspace. He has been an intern for quite a while and really knows his stuff.  Adam

Parallel Foreach in PowerShell 3.0

I have the CTP 2 of PowerShell 3.0 installed on my Windows 7 machine. I have been digging through the PowerShell team’s getting started guide to Windows Workflow in PowerShell. It is mind blogging to say the least. If you are unfamiliar with WF at all it will be a pretty steep learning curve. I […]

PowerShell for Programmers – Automating Code Generation with PowerShell

There is a feature that has been in pretty much every PowerShell host inside Visual Studio and that is the ability to access the DTE (the top level automation object). Here are a couple cool things that you can do using the DTE. I’ll start by defining a couple simple functions for finding code elements. […]

Building a Smart Home – Design


For a long time now I have been in awe of home automation (well automation in general I guess). I loved the idea of homes like the Iron Man house where you could command it to give you more information or adjust your¬†environment.   When living in apartments I never had the desire to try […]