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And now for something completely different: The eTrade API

Right after I created the TFS Build Monitor for Android, I started to dream up new, ingenious ideas that would bring fame and fortune (I know this is why everyone gets into software development 😀 ). The TFS app didn’t sell a single download when it was 99 cents. When it was free it did a bit […]

Inside the TFS 2010 Build Monitor for Android

It’s been awhile since I released the TFS 2010 Build Monitor and I wanted to shed some light into how I managed to get Android talking to Windows Web Services. The first major hurtle I had to conquer while writing this app was authenticating with the web service. Step 1: Authenticate As you may be aware, Windows […]

TFS 2010 Build Monitor for Android

I recently purchased a Motorola Droid X. I really love the phone and being a developer, the first thing I did was start to learn how to make applications for it. Well I’ve taken my first stab at Android development and decided to mix a little Microsoft love into the Android world. This is what […]