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  1. Samuel Davis says:


    Your VS2010 addon Perspectives looks incredibly useful, however I am using VS2012. Is there an updated version out there, an alternative addon or plans on an update?

    Thank you,
    Samuel Davis.

    • adamdriscoll says:

      Hi Samuel,

      I haven’t been actively developing Perspectives. I will see if I can just recompile it using the VS2012 SDK. It may just work without much code change. I will try and post an update some time next week.


  2. ashish says:

    Hi team,
    Please tell me how I can register a DLL in COM explorer or register a service (.exe) using power shell or some more useful CMDlets for creating virtual directories and changing the settings of the virtual directory etc.

    With Gratitude,
    Ashish David
    Release Manager, PepsiCo, India Region
    Level 3, 9A Cyber City, DLF Phase III | Gurgaon – 122 002, India
    Office: +91 124 4946772 | Mobile: +91 9999049658 | Email:

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