Weekend Project: Microsoft vs Apple Bag Toss

Last summer I found some really nice bag toss boards in the dumpster. I snagged them with the intention of refurbishing them to my liking. I finally got around to it today! I opted for a Microsoft vs Apple theme. Here’s the process.



Step 1: Sand

I actually did this last summer. I used the detail sander (orbital would have been better but didn’t have one) to remove a lot of the previous paint. I started with some corse grit and worked my way up to something like 220 grit.

Step 2: Base Coat

I decided not to prime the boards. These will always be used outside and I didn’t want to have to buy more paint than necessary. Since the Microsoft logo has 4 different colors, the paint added up quickly.  I had to do about 2 coats to evenly coat and cover the previous color.

Step 3: Stencil Design

While the paint was drying I created the pattern for each of the boards. The Microsoft logo is the same shape repeated 4 times. I cut a piece of cardboard into the shape I wanted. I was looking for a logo size of about 20 square inches so I made the shape 10 inches squared.

For the Apple logo I opted to go with Rosin paper for the design. I couldn’t find a good piece of cardboard so I just grabbed it from the basement. I drew on the logo, freehand, by copying it from the computer. Then I cut it out with a scissors. It was close enough. 🙂

Step 4: Logo Application

Luckily it was sunny and hot today in Madison so the paint dried really quickly. For the Microsoft logo I measured an approximate location for the first shape and placed the stencil accordingly. I sprayed on orange first. I then waited for that color to dry and moved to the next. Working my way through all four shapes.

I used my hand and foot to hold the stencil in place while painting and removed it right after I was done. I made sure to wear crappy shoes.

I rolled up painters tape and stuck the Apple stencil to the other board.

I then just sprayed on the white. It took a good three coats to cover the black underneath.

Step 5: Clear Coat

I removed the stencils from the Microsoft logo promptly. Once all the shapes were painted and dried, I applied two clear coats.

When I removed the Rosin paper from the Apple logo, I found that some of the paint had snuck underneath. I kind of knew this was going to happen but was pleasantly surprised by the glowing effect it created.

I washed the board down with some warn water and let it dry. I then applied a couple clear coats.

Step 6: Beer

I then enjoyed my beer and took a glamour shot of the finished products. Now to buy some bags and have a barbeque!

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