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Europe: Saint-Cergue

For the first two weeks in Switzerland we spent our time in Saint-Cergue. It’s about 10 km from Lake Geneva and Nyon. It was a beautiful introduction to the mountains. Saint-Cergue is nestled among the Jura range that runs on the west side Switzerland. Saint-Cergue is close to tons of hiking trails, ski runs and […]

Managing the Active Directory Recycle Bin Without PowerShell

The Active Directory Recycle Bin is a feature of recent versions of Windows Server that allows you to restore deleted objects to full fidelity without having to reanimate a tombstone. The biggest problem with the recycle bin is that it’s disabled by default. To enable it you need to use the Enable-ADOptionalFeature cmdlet from the […]

I am an Ironman

I’ve been training for over a year to run through the finish line at Ironman Wisconsin. I spent countless hours swimming, biking and running to achieve the goal I set in front of me. In 2016 alone I spent 222 hours  and 36 minutes training. I traveled over 3,500 miles using my body alone. I […]

Code Golf: Executing Solutions with Azure Functions

After I first showed off Code Golf, many people’s reaction was that it really needed a way for you to execute your solutions against a problem. I did a little bit of experimentation with Azure Automation but eventually settled on Azure Functions are the perfect engine to process solutions. Here’s how it works. Each problem […]

Code Golf

Code Golf is the concept that you complete a particular programming problem in the least amount of characters. Over the last few days, I’ve spent a bunch of time playing around with some new technologies and come up with my own implementation of the Code Golf concept. is up and running. The general concept is […]

PowerShell Decompiled: How do loops work?

In my quest to figure out why handles.ps1 was running very slowly when looping over the 3.4 million handles on my system, I started to realize that the loop structure itself was a lot slower than a language like C#. I know that PowerShell is compiled to an executable lambda statement when it meets particular criteria […]

Enabling Output of PowerShell Compilation

A long time ago I wrote a blog post about how to grab the internal compiled script blocks that are produced when PowerShell turns an AST into a executable, compiled lambda. Now that PowerShell is open source, we can do some really need things with the source to actually output that information. I just submitted […]

Reading Temperature from a Google Nest Thermostat with PowerShell

I recently acquired a Google Nest thermostat (on sale at Target!). Even before buying one I was already thinking about the automation possibilities. Google provides a REST interface for the Nest device. It’s accessible via OAuth and very easy to consume. The core tenant of their API is that there are very few endpoints and a single data […]

Digging into PowerShell Direct

Available in Windows 10 and the Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview, there is a new feature of PowerShell and Hyper-V that enables you to connect to guest machines that lack network access: PowerShell Direct. The standard PSSession cmdlets along with Invoke-Command now offer a VMID and VMName parameter. Simply run any of these commands as you […]

Upcoming features in PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

Long time no blog! I wanted to showcase a couple neat features coming to PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio. My hope is that we can get some feedback before pushing to the gallery for the world to enjoy. Windows Forms Support for PowerShell 2013 Build 2015 Build Pull Request The Windows Form designer is handy […]